My life is

All God 

so it's 

All Good

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I talk with my hands...and my hands have a lot to say!


I did it to cleanse my body then my soul started to dance.


What started as a treasure hunt turned into trendsetting.

Here are a few of my Favorite things


Acting UP

"500 Hundred 25 Thousand 600 Minutes"

The infamous lyric from the Broadway musical RENT (of which some months, I can barely pay lol). Hi - My name is Erica Michelle and I am an actor. I reside in Los Angeles, California and like the million other pipe-dream chasers scrambling these Hollywood streets, I am an artist, but I ain't sensitive about my sh*t. 

I have UN·officially been an actor my entire life, thankfully someone was crazy enough to start paying me in 2012. My professional career started with the 2013 horror-sequel, The Last Exorcism II. 

Since then, I've done a few more projects and added a couple of notches on my belt; And while this journey has been bumpy, scary, unsteady, thrilling, and exhilarating, it has also been insanely FULFILLING and worth EVERY STEP.  

I am so excited about some things that are on the table for 2020 and I can't wait to share every milestone with you!